Cindy Schnackel

A place for chickeny things found in my ordinary travels, online or on the street, at the mall, wherever I go.  Other artists, photographers, and pet chicken people may be featured, (with their permission).  I do chicken art myself but will not primarily be using this blog to show my art.  I have an art blog here with links to other places to view my work: http://cindyschnackel.wordpress.com/

Whether chickens are drawn to me, or I to them, (or I’m actually drawing pictures chickens), there seems to always be one in sight.  On our bike rides my husband and I find ‘chicken streets’ where people keep them.  When I am out shopping I see them in toy stores and on kitchen goods.  I’m working on being vegan, so the only chicken I (try to) see in grocery stores is the kind spelled with an apostrophe, “Chik’n” or something like that. Though chickens haven’t always been popular with the public, they’ve always been popular with me! Now, they enjoy the spotlight for some reason which makes me quite happy. This is the one trend I’ve ever been in step with, partly due to disinterest in trends, partly because I wander thru life Mr. Magoo-like, unaware of trends or who any of the celebrities in the news really are, much less what kind of clothes are in fashion or the names or objectives of game apps you can play on your phone.  It was like a rare planet aligning occurrence when chickens, I, and public popularity crossed paths.

Now it seems wherever I go, there is a chicken.


This blog is made by Cindy Schnackel and all content on it is © Cindy Schnackel except where noted otherwise.  If you are a chicken person and would like to have me showcase your art or photos please contact me at artbycindy (at) live (dot com). I recommend you add a watermark of your name to your images, or allow me to add one for you.  Thanks!




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