An assortment of chickens

A group of chicken art offerings I’ve gathered throughout 2016.

Heather Freitas


Nine One Nine, mixed media, 12 x 12 in., Heather Freitas

Heather’s been working on a show themed around environmental issues, and it touched on factory farming, too. She will be having a whole show, called Wasteland, about these issues at First Studio gallery, 631 N. 1st Ave, Phoenix Az, in Nov 2016. The official opening reception is First Friday, Nov 4th, 6-9 pm. (And again Friday the 18th).

“Nine One Nine,” above, is about the chickens bred for rapid growth rate, that can result in organ failure. It is made of newspaper, paper bags, embroidery floss, ink and acrylic paint on canvas.

First Studio may have other hours for the show, too. Contact:

Eric Cox


Hemingway’s Cock, by Eric Cox

Eric paints a variety of subjects from fish to birds to people. He’s especially known for his wonderful portraits, both flattering as in his commissioned ones, and unflattering as in the case of a few political portraits. (I have a small reprint of his huge painting of a particular sheriff, titled Welcome to Arizona, LOL!) Like so many artists who aren’t exactly known for doing chickens, he still had one in his photos! That’s exactly that kind of thing that prompted me to create the blog, Found A Chicken.

Eric’s work can be seen here: and here:

Puppet Pie

Puppet Pie is another Phoenix based source of chicken art. Below are two of their chicken puppets from their Facebook page.


Puppet Pie’s white chicken puppet


Puppet Pie’s brown chicken puppet

Puppet Pie makes custom puppets, and has a studio in the Bragg’s Pie Factory building, 1301 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ. They made a spectacular puppet of local arts icon Marshall Shore in September at Chartreuse gallery (which is in the same building).  Here’s their Etsy shop:



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