The Mosaic Art of Dave Hanson

Dave Hanson is another artist whose portfolio revealed he had done a number of chicken pieces. I first met Dave at {9} The Gallery, where we were both showing in the group show, Gods & Monsters, in the summer of 2016. After seeing one of his chicken mosaics and inquiring if he would like to be in this blog, more chicken work was revealed!


Dave Hanson’s 85 foot mosaic wall in a yard in California included this chicken.

Dave’s comment about the chicken in the wall:

“I wonder if the positioning of these two was influenced subconsciously by the terror the rooster of my childhood inflicted on me. We had a few sweet lovely hens when my parents were given a rooster — he came from a children’s zoo, and was pretty good-natured…. until Day 3 of his stay when he realized he was the only rooster and turned into a holy terror. It was my job to collect the eggs and it was like entering the dragon’s lair. A spindly child, entering the cage with a garbage can lid and a broom, with this beast flying at me and squawking like a death-falcon. I had to play tricks — throw some food into the far end of the chicken coop to distract him, then run in and grab the eggs. My mother was a militant vegetarian and animal rights activist so there was no chance that mean rooster would be eaten, as in some families… to her, all animal behavior was “natural” and therefore tolerated.”

(I’m with Dave’s mom on this!)


Dave Hanson, detail of mosaic wall.


Dave Hanson, detail of ceramic mosaic wall.

Dave’s work sometimes includes broken ceramic items like napkin holders, etc, (above).


Mosaic chicken by Dave Hanson


Mosaic on guitar, Dave Hanson

While the above guitar doesn’t have a chicken, (that I can see!), it is just too beautiful not to include! Painting on a guitar was not hard when I found a wooden one at a thrift store and painted on it about a year ago, but this looks quite labor intensive. The result is beautiful the way he used every fret and curve to enhance the design.


A three dimensional piece of Dave Hanson’s, with many cool little details all the way around.

See more of Dave’s work on his Facebook page: