Baron Dixon


I first met Baron Dixon at the Chartreuse Gallery’s “Cats & Guitars” show in January, this year.

Cats & Guitars site:

His painting there, “Light on the Anchovies,” was a favorite, with its beautiful details and excellent execution.

“Light on the Anchovies” by Baron Dixon:

I asked if he had his art online, and in looking over his Fine Art America site, discovered he had a chicken painting! This is exactly the kind of fun surprise that inspires me to blog about chickens and chicken art. They really do seem to be everywhere, and it’s fun to see different artists’ interpretations of these beautiful birds.

I asked about the piece and here’s what Barron said:

“That rooster belonged to my grandparents next-door neighbors, but he loved hanging out at my family’s house. I was able to get right up in his face with my Pentax K-1000 camera when I took the photo for that painting.”

See more of Baron’s work on his Fine Art America page:


[Edited to correct spelling of Baron’s name; it has ONE ‘R’. Sorry!]


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  1. He’s a most elegant rooster! Gorgeous details, what a portrait! I looked at some of the other Barron Dixon works on FAA — really like the “Specious Species.” Wow! Thank you for sharing this, Cindy! 🙂


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