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The Chicken Who Came to Dinner, Claudia O’Driscoll


Rock Star, Claudia O’Driscoll

I first saw Oregon artist Claudia O’Driscoll’s beautiful work through a mutual Facebook friend this month. As soon as I saw she was a chicken nut, a vegan, and had lots of paintings of chickens as well as real chickens, I just had to blog about her!


Rescued Chickens, Claudia O’Driscoll

Here are her words:

“We got started keeping chickens when discovered that there were many birds in need of rescue. We are both vegan, so we don’t eat their eggs, but simply offer the chickens a safe home. Right now we do not have roosters, which helps with the issue of chicks being born. The chickens came before the paintings. I started painting in 2011, and since we live with animals, they became my subjects. My mother always loved chickens, and sometimes I have to smile when I think about what she would think of all of these chicken paintings. I love the birds because they have such interesting personalities. I grew up in the Bay Area, so I am a transplanted city girl. My father was an artist who painted all of his life. Mom was a carver and my sister played the violin and was a photographer. I took up pottery for many years, but recently began painting and I have not looked back. My work is now shown in White Oak Gallery in Silverton.”


Art by Claudia O’Driscoll, aka Claudia Hall O’Driscoll

Claudia also does other animal art such as dogs, cats, and more!

Public Facebook page:


Photos are © Claudia O’Driscoll, and used with permission of the artist.


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