Found a chicken up in the air; Death visits


Hanging from wires in front of Frontal Lobe Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

I have no idea who created this conglomerate of crafty stuff, but much of the area on Grand Ave by Beatrice Moore’s spaces, including Frontal Lobe gallery, are festooned with bright and amusing things to look at! Some of the trees are dressed in knitwear. A friend of mine found a chicken made by weaving plastic or paper thru the wires of a chain link fence. I will look for that next time I’m there. Hanging from strands of lights, were numerous things like this, but this one caught my eye because it has a chicken on it! I must admit it creeps me out a little to see a fake chicken made out of real chicken feathers, since I don’t eat chicken or eggs. Nonetheless, it does seem wherever I go, there’s a chicken.

I haven’t been as good about taking pictures of them, or getting interviews, lately!

One of the chicken owners I was going to interview moved to another state and had to find new homes for her flock. The other two are so busy making their chicken art that it’s been hard to nail them down for a full interview!

So sorry it has been such a long time since I posted. This spring was rough. We had two of our pet birds die, one from cancer which came about suddenly and progressed fast. We spent most of the time between Dec. 2014, and April 2015, going to the vet to get more tests done than I can remember, some multiple times. In the end, nothing worked. One day he took a turn for the worse and we had to have him painlessly and quickly put to sleep. Worst. Day. Ever. As my husband says, we have a nursing home for old birds now, so it seems this pattern is not done with us.

Another sad development is that Sarah Hudock, whom I interviewed last year, had a fire on her property that killed many of her chickens. Very sad! She has a few left that made it through with vet care. I can only imagine! 😦

With all this bird death, it’s no wonder that my most recent painting was of a bird skeleton. Even though done in a humorous and surreal way, I struggled to even paint again, then turned the ‘live’ bird in the painting into a skeleton. I have a feeling more of that will come. My plans to do a series on factory farming is certainly macabre already.

I have had work in 3 shows this spring/summer, and did good on sales. The above mentioned bird skeleton was one that sold.

Last year, before all the vet trips and sick birds, I had committed to buying a life-like chicken doll, (art doll), from Pet Chicken Ranch. I’m excited that my turn is coming up, and Jenny has asked for pictures and info about my Fergie, the silkie-bantam I had 30 yrs ago, a very special pet. Jenny has an amazing ability to capture the look and personality of the chickens whose fabric portraits she sews. I hope to interview her this year for a post here. Jenny’s Etsy page: 


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  1. Cindy, thank you so much for your kind words – it was indeed a deathly experience, and some of my birds are still recovering. But we are managing to move onward and upward now! Annoyingly, the one thing the fire didn’t manage to kill was the poison ivy on the backside of our chicken coop.

    You will not be disappointed with your new chicken doll – Jenny does absolutely exquisite work! Her little creations have a life of their own, an absolute Chicken Presence about them. I hope you fall in love with your new sweet Fergie! xo

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