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Phoenix area artist Lisa Albinger is one of the artists whose work I collect. I have two of her paintings, her calendar, and noticed that she also had some chickens and quite a few birds and eggs in other pieces of her work.  So, I asked her to do an interview for a Found A Chicken feature, and happily, she agreed!


Prosperous Chicken, Lisa Albinger

1. What inspired you to include chickens in your artwork?

At the time I ate an egg for breakfast every morning. I have an affinity for eggs and birds, and painting a chicken seemed like the next step.

2. Have you ever kept real chickens or other poultry, and if so were they pets?

No, but I did grow up next to a farm where chickens were plentiful.

3. Are you aware of any symbolism when you depict them, or is it just fun or…?

It’s for fun, however when I paint animals I’m always honoring them. I think about the character traits of the chicken and how we have things in common. What message does this chicken have for me? There’s always a conversation taking place.

4. Besides the chicken thing, what would you like to say about your work?

My work is autobiographical. I paint what is going on in a given moment in my life. It’s me being real. My recent work speaks of the physical ailments I experience along with the sexism I experience.

5. Any future show info etc, you want to share? 

Right now I’m selling my 2015 Calendars on my website,, and it will be available in a number of establishments. So far, Poor Little Rich Girl stores (, Treeo (, and How Bizarre Salon in Scottsdale, AZ.

In April 2015 I will have a show at Willo North Gallery in Phoenix.


Chicken, Lisa Albinger


Mixed Media, Lisa Albinger


Below are two of Lisa’s paintings that I am happy to be giving a home now! I think it’s interesting how Lisa and I have some similarities in the way we depict chickens, sometimes, but I have to say I’ve never thought of birds or eggs nursing as in Holy Mary Mother of Bird!  The painting struck me right away, as did the tall, narrow one below. I was so excited to have them!  Lisa also has a couple of my chicken paintings, too, and I’m so glad they have a good home.


Holy Mary Mother of Bird, Lisa Albinger


Tall Chicken painting by Lisa Albinger


Contact Lisa for availability of originals, calendars, etc:


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