Recent Chicken Sightings

This week I’m gathering artists for a multi-artist post, getting permissions and thinking about whether I want to any interview stuff or just showcase the art. People who don’t normally do mostly chickens, but who have one or more occasionally pop up in their online portfolios. Since I didn’t get on that in time to post it this week, here are a few of my recent chicken sightings.


Chicken Ride, Phoenix area toy store kiddie attraction

Walking along a strip mall recently, the iconic shape and color of a chicken comb caught my eye.  Some sort of kiddie ride I think. I may have to go back and see if they’ll let me ride.


Giant fiberglass (?) chicken, Icehouse courtyard, Phoenix, AZ

This one isn’t REAL recent, it’s from a few months back, when I went to the Icehouse in downtown Phoenix, for a meeting of an artists’ group I’m in.  Of course, there was a giant fiberglass chicken there!



See the chicken shaped cloud?


In case my grainy snapshot wasn’t clear, I outlined it.

This is much more recent. It’s monsoon here, which means lots of big puffy clouds.  As we were traveling down the freeway I spotted a chicken shaped cloud over the distant mountains.  It’s an iPhone pic with the lens zoomed in as far as it’d go, at approx. 70 mph, so it’s not the greatest quality, hence I drew the outlined version. The real thing was more clear, you just had to be there. 😉