See a chicken anywhere



A tiny chicken on a tiny image in an ad leaps out to my eye. Enlarged here!

Clicked on a link to view an article and got instantly distracted by an itty bitty rooster silhouette on a tiny image of a bowl, in an ad off to the side. Enlarged here so it’s obvious.  Spent ten minutes or so doing a screen shot and then blurring the rest of it and enlarging the chicken part. Didn’t think of the article again until I later ran across it in my Facebook feed a second time, then went back to read the article.  My mind seems to be like that T Shirt slogan I saw somewhere: “Look! A Chicken!” 

There are at least two shapes burned into my mind. One is good, and that’s the shape of a chicken.

The other is scorpions, which are bad.  I’m told that chickens eat scorpions, though not sure if that’s true.


2-inch or so scorpion, glowing in black light, on our kitchen floor.


5 thoughts on “See a chicken anywhere

  1. Chickens eat scorpions? Whoa. No wonder they cluck.
    Love this new blog, Cindy!
    (I’m following with my new one…not abandoning the “Singingtuna,” just setting up art sites)


      • Aww, thank you — but I’m still setting things up so there’s really nothing posted as far as work goes. The main site will be a static “portfolio” kind that I can send people to, to look at and then contact me or order prints through Redbubble. This blog site (the one I’m commenting with now) will be all about works-in-process, articles, experiments, etc. LOL…like trying to use dryer lint to make my own paper. Haven’t done it yet but I will. This week! Anyway, both sites still need work to set them up completely, but I wanted to start using this one to visit you and see who else is on WP, art-wise. Sorry about this long reply that’s all about me…feel free to delete it!!!! (((happyhugs))) Robin

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